Our Story

We are located in Anchor Point, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula; minutes away from Homer – a gorgeous and tranquil place, perfect for destination weddings, family reunions, and social events.

When my youngest daughter said she was going to have a rustic, outdoor wedding I started looking for the necessary items to rent for her momentous day. I was taken by surprise that the closest place to acquire all of the items we needed was about 60 miles away. So we made the decision to purchase some of the equipment and tents, with the idea that it would be available for family and friends to borrow. My best friend told me I should really think about opening a wedding rental business of my own. I put the idea in the back of my mind as I was very busy at the time.

My oldest son and daughter-in-law were married the following year. Their wedding was held in another state; yet, I found I still had to either purchase or rent several items.  It was while I was at their reception, taking in all the special touches, knowing family members put so much of it together that I decided I would combine my love of shopping for vintage pieces and treasures, along with my years of business experience to start my own event rental business.

I shared my decision with my family who were very excited for me. My partner & soul mate, Gordon, has not only encouraged me the whole way, but willingly follows me through antique shops, second-hand stores, and garage sales, carrying items for our shop as I find them; putting up tents, delivering equipment; anything I ask of him, he’s there for me. My oldest daughter has become a partner in the business and is having fun scouring shops finding the perfect discoveries for weddings and events; my youngest daughter, who started this turn of events in my life with her wedding, has jumped right in; she has such a gift of planning events and decorating, besides being an incredible chef! My sons have helped as well; both of them have been my sounding boards; besides assisting with assembling tents, and equipment. My son Adam dove right in and set up our website and Facebook for me; such a fantastic gift! Both my son-in-law and daughter-in-law help in their unique, gifted ways, from making wood creations, to painting beautiful art and joining me at fairs.

I say I started my own rental business; but in reality, it’s a family affair, which I could not have accomplished without any of them. I feel truly blessed and thank God daily for my family circle.

For our family, there will be weddings to plan in the future; specifically, mine and Gordon’s, as I accepted his proposal of marriage in July!!!

Daphane Maxon & Gordon Drake Owners
Shahar Maxon Creative Director
Amy Drake Creative Director